A Look Back on 2022

The year 2022 was rather remarkable for us at OnSinch. While dealing with the lingering impact of the pandemic we were challenged to become more frugal, more strategic, and to refine our business ambitions. In addition, through our involvement with charities, volunteering and humanitarian efforts we’ve experienced a profound appreciation for the opportunity to go beyond just doing business.

The OnSinch Overview: 2021 Edition

As 2021 has come to a close, we’re pleased to share an overview of all things OnSinch. With another year behind us, and the variety of experiences that came along with it, we look forward to what the future holds. We find ourselves feeling grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, the partnerships we’ve made, and most importantly, the daily dedication of our team.

OnSinch digitizes volunteering with the new project Vlna pomoci

Vlna pomoci is a non-profit initiative that digitizes volunteering and connects non-profit organizations with volunteers. We are honored to be its main partner and guarantor. We direct help where it is needed We want to change things for the better and we know that our technologies can really improve the Czech non-profit sector.

Worker Self-registration: Yes or No?

Just imagine. You get an order to fill thousands of job positions, simply offer them online, and just wait for the workers to sign themselves up. And that’s it. No complicated coordination and hours of phone calls and emails. With a system that allows worker self-registration for job positions, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy - if you know how to set it up and control it properly.

Client portal: Why you need it today

For companies, interaction with clients is key. How can you keep it at a high level without wasting time and money? Use a client portal. It will improve your customer relationships and bring a number of benefits to your business, many of which can be especially appreciated in the current pandemic situation.

6 + 1 hacks for proper communication via your internal software

In the last blog post, we presented three key tips for effective internal communication. You might have taken a quick look on the internet and found a number of technological solutions that supposedly guarantee to help you. Now which one to choose?

Tips for effective internal communication

Properly managed internal communication is the perfect engine for smooth operations of the company. A well-informed employee who knows exactly what tasks to perform and why, is much more motivated and engaged. But how to handle communication well when you work with temporary workers, freelancers, or part-time employees?

Automate processes, not personal contact

Faster, cheaper, more efficient. The pressure on companies to automate is increasing. So how can one find the right balance in workforce management where personal contact is irreplaceable? Have a look at four principles that will help you to fully use automation without becoming a robot for employees and customers.

Referral program: An elegant solution for recruitment

Your headhunters are constantly in the field, HR is running at full speed, job portals are swallowing up your money, and the result: only a few new employees with a low level of dedication. Sadly, there is still no magic solution for recruitment.

4 Unconventional tips on employee motivation

We present four unusual tips that will take your employees’ motivation to the next level. 1. Give space for creativity Even the creative content of work can sometimes be boring when it is repeated over and over again. So give your employees the opportunity to break out of their own work bubble.