Crowdsourcing: Manage your projects effortlessly

Crowdsourcing: Manage your projects effortlessly

November 12, 2020

How many hours do you spend looking for and contacting reliable employees for your projects? Are you wasting time on the phone and email to cover shifts and deal with constant changes? Try crowdsourcing. You simply offer the job online, workers apply for it themselves and it’s done.

What is crowdsourcing

In general, crowdsourcing involves seeking information, knowledge, or services from a large body of people, usually over the internet.

You know how Uber connects “a crowd” of available drivers with people who need a ride through their application? That’s an example of crowdsourcing in business. And crowdsourcing for securing workers is similar. You offer a job position to a large group of available employees with the appropriate experience, and then you just wait for them to take it on.

Advantages of crowdsourcing

Speed and flexibility

Crowdsourcing solutions have many advantages over other forms of employment. It is usually faster and easier thanks to online communication and the large number of available workers who can substitute each other. If you need to complete a job quickly, divide it into several smaller tasks and use more workers at once.

Cost optimization

With crowdsourcing, you save time and money as well as your own energy. At the lowest possible cost, you can get more than when assigning a task to one person or organization. It is ideal for temporary work and occasional tasks that would otherwise unnecessarily raise the overhead costs of internal employees.

Data centralization

One of the biggest advantages of crowdsourcing is the ability to work with people with special skills that your internal team may not have. The larger your contact database, the better your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for. In practice, this certainly does not mean that anyone who has the time can take up the job without having the appropriate experience. To ensure the provision of a reliable workforce, you must have effective tools to help you set and control your job requirements. For example, rating is a great rating system that ensures the quality of workers.

5 steps to effective crowdsourcing

  1. Create an extensive database of employees, and keep all information up-to-date.
  2. Monitor and constantly verify the experience and skills of your employees.
  3. Define jobs with specific requirements so that only employees with relevant experience can apply for them.
  4. Divide work into smaller segments, which can be worked on independently. Even if they are large projects, precisely define individual tasks and enter them separately.
  5. Take advantage of technology that allows you to take full advantage of crowdsourcing. It will not work with pencil and paper.
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