How Sinch works

Sinch automates all everyday processes from creating orders to final invoicing. Orders, shift scheduling, worker recruitment and coordination, attendance approval, billing, and payroll all happen in an all-in-one single application always accessible online.

And much more! We've got you covered!

Shift scheduling and coordination

Plan your daily, weekly, or monthly projects. Schedule workers and keep track of all of the running and upcoming shifts. Simply approve attendance and wages.

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Workforce management

Build and maintain your database with customizable profile information. Save hours spent on recruitment and shift scheduling with worker self-registration and worker portal. Keep track of your workers' seniority and experience with our unique rating system and achievement badges. Sign, store, and keep track of contract and certificate validity.

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Finances and order administration

Create, submit, and approve price quotes. Invoice your orders and send billings with one click. Keep track of overdue payments, set up customized price lists and wage lists, and pay your workers instantly.

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Client database

Keep a detailed client database. Save time and allow your clients to place orders themselves directly via their client portals.

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Multilingual localization

In addition to the English version, Sinch is currently available in Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish and Dutch. Other language versions will be added gradually.

Cloud-based solution

Sinch lives in the cloud. Your data are always accessible, continuously backed up, and securely encrypted.

And many additional features that will make your job easier

  • SMS Gateway
  • Easy accreditation
  • Customizable login page
  • Multiple languages
  • Certificate expiration check
  • Customizable emails & newsletters
  • Force-read legal updates
  • Google Maps integration
  • Worker feedback
  • Referral system for hiring
  • ...and more
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